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Uber Health introduced to provide reliable healthcare transportation

04 March 2018

Around 3.6 million Americans miss doctor's appointments or delay medical care due to a lack of transportation every year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The Uber Health dashboard allows healthcare providers and caregivers to request and schedule rides on behalf of patients.

Additionally, in New Orleans, Uber has a platform called Uber ASSIST for individuals with mobility issues.

Uber launched UberHealth, it's ride hailing service for healthcare.

Patients don't need the Uber app or a smartphone to utilize the offering.

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The company says they began testing the service last summer with more than 100 health care providers signing up.

Healthcare organizations are billed each month for the cost of patient rides, which are on par with standard Uber rates at the time of the ride booking.

The service doesn't necessarily need a rider to have the Uber app. Scheduling can be done through SMS.

Uber Health could therefore do a lot to redeem the company's public image, and position them as more attentive to security and inclusivity. Instead, the rides are coordinated through text message, and there's a forthcoming plan to set up calls to landlines or cellphones instead of texting.

Uber has unveiled its latest initiative which will be known as Uber Health in a bid to bring mobility to the health sector.

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Whorley, who has been driving for Uber for more than two years, is more skeptical about picking up people without smartphones.

Chris Weber, General Manager of Uber Health, said in a statement to The Verge, "We built this service from the ground-up in a fully HIPAA-compliant technology stack.It was architected from Day One".

Numerous rides are provided to people who can't drive-either because of age, poverty or medical condition-and Medicare and Medicaid providers cover at least some of the cost of transportation. Uber, and its US competitor Lyft, want to chip away at the problem. If successful, Uber Health could potentially put Uber back on the map after the company's recent fall from popularity. In addition, doctors and providers have full discretion on what the service can be used for, such as transporting low-income patients to doctor offices or taking caretakers to patient homes.

"We work with our customers very deliberately to ensure they are only providing this service to people for whom UberX is a good way to get where they're going", he said.

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Uber Health introduced to provide reliable healthcare transportation