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Russian Federation suspected of sending two fighter jets to Syria

25 February 2018

In December, two F-22's intercepted two Russian aircraft that had flown east of the "de-confliction line" that is supposed to separate Russian and US-led coalition aircraft operating over Syria.

Russian officials have previously admitted to joining the war alongside the Syrian regime was partly aimed at testing new weapons in the field. She repeated earlier statements of how USA military personnel were on the "deconfliction phone" with their Russian counterparts as the attack got underway as well as during the counter-attack.

An expert told Business Insider that it could be used to spy on the US's F-22 stealth fighter.

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Footage showed aircraft flying in the vicinity of the Hmeimim base in preparation for landing, including two Sukhoi Su-57 fighters which are stealth and heavy-duty fifth-generation fighter aircraft. The conflict has already been used to demonstrate the prowess of Russian cruise missiles and combat helicopters. But the Russian government has distanced itself from the incident and its public comments have been subdued. White said she could not confirm their presence.

The aim of the military buildup is not limited to its experience, but reflects a decisive Kremlin move to declare a clear practical position on supporting military operations initiated by the Syrian army all across Syria. The Su-35, a modernized version of the 1980s-era Su-27 Flanker, is a highly effective aircraft but lacks stealth and is not a fifth generation fighter. Nikolai Antoshkin implied that the United States is already scaling back F-22 flights in Syria because the American military is anxious about provoking a confrontation with the Russian stealth fighter.

Earlier this month deputy Russian Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, was quoted as saying, "We are buying Su-57 jets for combat trials".

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Russian Federation first deployed forces and aircraft to Syria in 2015, changing the dynamic as USA and coalition troops began their air campaign against ISIS. Above, Russian troops in Syria previous year.

Analysts believe the latest deployment is likely to send a warning to countries such as the United States against intervention in Syria.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the loss of the PMC "Wagner" in Syria, according to unconfirmed reports, ranged from 215 to more than 600 people were killed, in addition, arrived in Moscow not less than three aircraft with the wounded mercenaries.

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Russian Federation suspected of sending two fighter jets to Syria