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Sen. Bennet votes against budget agreement

12 February 2018

The House of Representatives passed the bill in a 240-186 vote to end the shutdown in the wee hours of the morning while most Americans were asleep.

Early Friday morning, Congress passed a colossal spending bill that will raise the debt ceiling and provide a 13 percent increase in across-the-board government spending.

The government shut down at midnight on Thursday after Kentucky senator Rand Paul blocked plans for a quick senate vote, blaming his fellow Republicans for being "complicit" in the looming return of trillion-dollar budget deficits.

Friday's shutdown lasted just a few hours, while an earlier partial government shutdown in January was resolved after a three-day standoff, Efe reported.

Congress achieved an ambitious two-year budget agreement Friday, but in doing so, reignited ideological factions on deficit spending and immigration that are likely to flare as lawmakers turn to these issues next, ahead of a daunting midterm election season.

Democrats have sought to link the funding debate to a permanent solution for the "Dreamers", who were shielded from deportation under an Obama-era program which ended last September by Trump, who set a March 5 deadline for resolving the issue. "Now we have Republicans hand in hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits".

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"We try to refrain from red lines and threats and any of that". "Anyone who votes for the Senate budget deal is colluding with this President and this Administration to deport Dreamers", said Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, an Illinois Democrat and fierce advocate for DACA recipients, in a statement.

But the deficit spending in the bill will add more red ink to Washington's balance sheet and further underscore a shift in Republican thinking that Paul was trying to draw attention to.

The temporary spending bill under consideration incorporates the major budget deal reached between Senate leaders on both sides of the political aisle. "I didn't come up here to be liked", he said.

While Paul's performance in the Senate strained the patience of his colleagues, he focused on the same concern that caused so many House Republicans to oppose the bill - deficit spending.

But the protests were extinguished quickly by the realities of a Republican government led President Trump.

With the clock ticking toward a midnight government shutdown, Paul made himself the sole obstacle to his chamber's quick passage of legislation keeping federal agencies open. "This Bill is a BIG VICTORY for our Military, but much waste in order to get Dem votes".

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The group leader, granted anonymity to speak candidly, said the GOP-controlled government had racked up some good will with the passage of a sweeping tax reform bill late past year and by rolling back Obama-era regulations.

According to Yahoo News, the Senate voted 71-to-28.

Senate GOP leaders, however, were clearly irked by the debacle. The effects were expected to be minimal given that it started and is expected to finish with Trump's signature before most of the federal workforce arrives at work Friday morning.

The proposal contains United States $165,000 million in additional defense spending and U.S. $131,000 million in spending on internal issues such as health, infrastructure or against the opioid crisis, according to Reuters.

He added that the accord includes a sizable disaster relief package that will help Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas recover from Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey past year.

"The only folks who should be voting for this are the debt junkies, who love unsustainable spending bills", said Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., a freedom caucus member. "We will solve this DACA problem". "I hope that we will end up passing something".

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Sen. Bennet votes against budget agreement