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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Is The 2018 CoD Game, Apparently

07 February 2018

It is worth pointing out that this is not the first time that "Black Ops 4" was mentioned as the potential series offering for this year.

Rumors of Black Ops IV originally stemmed from industry insider Marcus Sellars, who tweeted about the title's potential name on February 3. He noted that the new game will be released for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and somewhat surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch.

Sellars has a notable track record, having previously correctly predicted the Dark Souls Switch port and Nintendo Labo before both were announced.

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Apparently, 2018 will see the return of the Black Ops sub-series, one of the few constants in the Call of Duty franchise as a whole.

Earlier we reported on a rumor from industry insider Marcus Sellars who said that Black Ops 4 is not only happening, but will be this year's annual Call of Duty game. Additionally, he claims that the game will support the Switch's HD Rumble and motion controls, with it also set to receive additional DLC further down the road. It is set to launch later this year, presumably during the holiday window when most Call of Duty games are released.

Black Ops 4 is in development at Treyarch, the Activision studio behind the three other Black Ops games, and as you'd expect is due for launch late in the year. Activision's Call of Duty reveals are on a clockwork schedule.

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Treyarch released Black Ops III in 2015, followed by Infinity Ward's Infinite Warfare in 2016 and Sledgehammer's WWII past year.

What we don't know are the nitty gritty details at this point.

"COD 2018 is Black Ops 4 and is coming to PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch". Surely this would be a more stripped-down version of the game, likely focusing on multiplayer similar to Black Ops 3 on Xbox 360/PS3.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Is The 2018 CoD Game, Apparently