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California Senator Dianne Feinstein Says Trump's Nuclear Posture Review is Deeply Troubling

07 February 2018

It asserts that Russian strategy and doctrine emphasize the potential coercive and military uses of nuclear weapons, and calls for two new USA capabilities in response - a sea-launched nuclear cruise missile and a "low-yield" warhead for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

"Past assumptions that our capability to produce nuclear weapons would not be necessary and that we could permit the required infrastructure to age into obsolescence have proven to be mistaken", it argues.

Rachel Bronson, CEO and president of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, said the Nuclear Posture Review "is a spruced-up Cold War document, responding in dated ways to current threats".

"The gap between China and the United States is too wide to argue that the United States is lagging behind in any meaningful way".

It particularly condemned the development of low-yield nuclear weapons, which Moscow said can significantly lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons and "lead to a nuclear-missile war even in low-intensity conflicts".

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He visited the ICBM force and B-52 bomber fleet in North Dakota.

"Our tailored strategy for China is created to prevent Beijing from mistakenly concluding that it could secure an advantage through the limited use of its theater nuclear capabilities or that any use of nuclear weapons, however limited, is acceptable", it said.

"This new policy deliberately blurs the line between nuclear and conventional forces and eliminates a clear firewall", she warned. He stopped by a nuclear submarine base in Washington state. "And it's Republican and Democrat". It's old people. It's young physicists. "There are people who know what they're doing".

By the time he visited Naval Base Kitsap in Kitsap County in August, Mattis appeared to have all but decided. To have done otherwise would have forced him to confront tremendous pressure from Congress, the military and the White House, all of which backed the new policy. They'll just increase the potential for their use and for miscalculation.

The report describes future arms control agreements as "difficult to envision" in a world "that is characterized by nuclear-armed states seeking to change borders and overturn existing norms", and in particular by Russian violations of a series of other arms-limitation treaties.

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The deadline to verify both countries' compliance was Monday.

The Foreign Ministry said Russian Federation is well within the treaty's limitations of 1,550 strategy nuclear warheads and 700 deployed launchers.

Russian Federation voiced concern about the US reconfiguring some submarines and bombers to carry conventional weapons, saying it does not have a way to confirm the reconfigured hardware was rendered incapable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Pulling out of the 1987 treaty "would allow the United States to develop and deploy short and medium-range cruise missiles against China as well as against Russia", Freeman explained.

In the wake of North Korea's repeated threats of a nuclear attack on the United States, US President Donald Trump last month called for a review of the state of America's nuclear forces.

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The head of the Russian parliament's defense committee, Vladimir Shamanov, confirmed the missiles' deployment, saying the move was a response to a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation buildup near Russia's borders, with the number of US weapons in Poland.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein Says Trump's Nuclear Posture Review is Deeply Troubling