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Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions Expected To Return In Coming Months

03 February 2018

While EA didn't release number's for DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II, they did at least confirm that almost 70% of players engaged with the single player campaign. Star Wars: Battlefront, which turned into a controversial property for EA, saw nearly 70% of players log hours in the single-player campaign. For comparison, EA was able to sell 13 million copies of "Star Wars Battlefront" during its launch quarter in 2015. That's pretty impressive, but EA was expecting the game to sell ten million copies - and it's below the 14 million units that the original game shipped back two years prior. "We have a tremendous relationship with Disney and we have built some awesome games together, and we have been very proactive with that relation in the service of our players".

Wilson is referring to Star Wars Battlefront 2 content not being locked behind a season pass, which DICE revealed in April 2017. With love for the Battlefront franchise as a whole still strong, many were hoping that the game would deliver a fantastic Star Wars gaming experience. So, even if it were to come out in the future, it will be after this new Star Wars game. Jorgensen said that EA expected to sell between 1-3 million more units by the end of the 2018 fiscal year.

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Wilson went on to say that EA has a "tremendous relationship with Disney" and they "have been very proactive in that relationship in service of the players".

At the moment there's no hard date on when the microtransactions will be returning to the game, or whether they'll be retooled to take player criticisms and feedback into account.

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"Digital economies have a place, and we will continue to drive and focus on that", he said.

For its fourth quarter and full-year forecast, EA is projecting net revenue of approximately $5.1 billion and net income of $1.01 billion. "So we removed the feature that was taking away from what fans were telling us was an otherwise great game". "At this point, when we make the decision we have the right model for players and the community, I have no doubt we will be supported by Disney".

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We've reached out to EA for comment.

Battlefront 2 Micro-transactions Expected To Return In Coming Months