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Senate confirms Salisbury's Alex Azar for HHS

26 January 2018

In addition, Azar must decide how to administer the Affordable Care Act, a task for which he will be personally and legally responsible, at a time when Trump and many Republicans in Congress want to undermine and eventually kill the law.

Mr. Azar's nomination was confirmed 55 votes to 43, with all but one Republican voting in favor of the nomination, along with six Democrats and one Independent. Sen.

The Senate has confirmed a former pharmaceutical industry executive as head of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Democrats largely describe Azar's work history as a liability that could exacerbate the problems caused by rising drug prices.

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Azar, an outspoken critic of Obamacare, will take over the department at a time when the Trump administration has successfully unwound portions of the Affordable Care Act - including a requirement that everyone carry some form of insurance or face a tax penalty. He previously served under former President George W. Bush as deputy secretary for the health and human services department so he is significantly familiar with the agency and pro-life issues that are important there.

Azar is succeeding Tom Price, who was forced out after reports from Politico revealed he often used pricey charter jets on the taxpayer's dime. The sprawling agency has been shaken by the administration's tumultuous first year.

During a confirmation hearing for Azar in late November, Democratic Sen. Azar's commitment to HHS" mission "to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans, ' including unborn children and their mothers, is so encouraging.

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"Drug prices are too high", he said, noting his experience implementing the Medicare Part D drug plan under Bush. "The President has made this clear". Also, he would look into why Americans pay more for drugs than European or Japanese consumers.

For the past year, Senator Baldwin has repeatedly called on the Trump administration to stop the sabotage of our nation's health care system.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised Azar on the Senate floor Wednesday, calling him "the right man for the job".

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Senator Baldwin has also worked on bipartisan solutions to strengthen and stabilize the health insurance market and improve access to health care. Wisconsin needs an HHS Secretary who will do right by people, not the powerful.

Senate confirms Salisbury's Alex Azar for HHS