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Trump's Jerusalem decision has led to a war between ISIS and Hamas

14 January 2018

However, by recognizing the claim by Israel for the holy city of Jerusalem, Palestinians have said that the U.S. government is taking sides with the Israelis in the issue that is most sensitive for both countries in the conflict.

According to Site, a United States monitoring agency that keeps track of jihadi platforms, the 22-minute video shows a man, identified as Abu Kazem al-Maqdisi, urging Islamic followers in Gaza to mount attacks on Hamas. The video also cited Hamas's crackdown on militant groups in the Gaza Strip as reason to attack it.

For their part, Hamas leaders downplayed the IS threats and dismissed the video as a "Zionist production".

"In the video, the man accused of collaborating with Hamas" military wing is executed'.

"What perpetuates the refugee crisis is the failure of the parties to deal with the issue".

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The enmity between IS and Hamas is not new.

UNRWA was set up in 1949, following the establishment of the state of Israel.

It also enraged jihadist hardliners and Hamas called for a "day of blood" in response.

Hamas in the past has publicly announced it was receiving weapons and money from Tehran.

The video - which begins with a clip of US President Donald Trump's December 6 announcement on Jerusalem indicating Hamas' failure in averting the declaration comes - after the latter cracked down on jihadist groups and ISIS supporters based in Gaza. IS claims Hamas' attempts "to disband Islamic law" enabled the make such a decision.

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Just because the funds were not transferred does not mean they were frozen, Ravid quotes a State Department official as saying.

The video goes on to criticize Hamas' new manifesto released in May, saying Hamas watered down its anti-Semitic language and offered to moderate its position toward Israel, distancing itself from Islamist groups in a bid for worldwide recognition.

Samira Hamadeh, a mother of three who lives in Gaza City, said that it marked a "big improvement" but that residents need more.

Hamas has remained an influential entity in Gaza for decades. Around 15 to 20 megawatts come from Egypt, but the supply is not stable due to security in the Egypt's Sinai peninsula.

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Trump's Jerusalem decision has led to a war between ISIS and Hamas