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Ryan: Trump's inflammatory immigration comments are 'very unfortunate'

14 January 2018

Trump's first tweet about surveillance on Thursday mentioned a House vote on a section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that allows the FISA court to demand communications made by foreign persons not on US soil from USA companies like Google and AT&T.

House Speaker Paul Ryan regarded President Donald Trump's alleged comments calling Haiti, El Salvador and African nations "sh*thole countries" as "unfortunate" and "unhelpful" Friday.

"I read those comments later last night; the first thing that came to my mind was 'very unfortunate, unhelpful, ' " Ryan said in response to a question during an interview at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee WisPolitics Luncheon. "I thought of my own family".

Govt launches trade complaint against United States over duties
He explained, "Even if Canada succeeded on these groundless claims, other countries would primarily benefit, not Canada". Indeed, the Trump administration wasted no time expressing its displeasure. "It's the same horror show over and over".

"You're going to have to find bipartisan consensus to fix these thorny long-term problems, and we don't have that right now", he said.

He then said their story of overcoming that oppression was "a handsome story of America". "I think it's important we celebrate that".

Ryan said he didn't think there would be a government shutdown, adding that Republicans and Democrats are making progress on spending caps. But he said he wants it to be part of a deal on border security.

Bond yields spike as China questions U.S. treasuries
MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan shed 0.3 percent, slipping further from Tuesday's 10-year peak. President Donald Trump will soon announce his intention to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement treaty.

"So that the visas are not given based on, you know, relations, other than the nuclear family, but are based on skills, based on what we need", Ryan said.

Trump on Friday, "The language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used".

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin and GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who were in that meeting at the White House, say the reports are accurate with Graham saying he "said his piece" to the President.

Big UK government contractor sees shares plunge on debt woes
Gail Cartmail, Unite assistant general secretary, said Carillion's workforce was being "held hostage by the whims of the market". It is also one of the biggest suppliers of maintenance services to Network Rail and manages schools, roads and prisons.

Ryan: Trump's inflammatory immigration comments are 'very unfortunate'