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One cigarette can make two-thirds of adults addicts

11 January 2018

New UK research has suggested that more than two-thirds of people who try a cigarette become daily smokers at some point in their lives.

The study was based on the data collected from the Global Data Exchange which consisted data of eight surveys which has been conducted since 2000. The team found that 60.3 per cent of respondents had tried a cigarette, and among those, 69 per cent said that they had progressed to daily smoking. The author of the study says that they had noticed a "remarkable hold" which a cigarette could establish after a single experience.

Prof Hajek added that it doesn't seem to be the case that e-cigarettes are as addictive as conventional cigarettes. The results of each survey were collated and used to calculate a conversion rate from ever trying a cigarette to ever smoking daily. He also stated that this is the first time where the link between trying the first cigarette and becoming a regular smoker presented in a large data set.

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According to the scientists, this study highlights how important is to prevent people from smoking the very first cigarette.

Smoking cost the state almost $3 billion a year in medical costs. The surveys included above 216,000 people.

Young people in the United Kingdom are decreasing from the 2010 to the 2016.

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For example, among the eight surveys, each revealed different percentages for those who became daily smokers, ranging from 52 percent in the 82 percent in the United Kingdom, meaning the two-thirds estimate was a weighted average, not a standard proportion.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 7.6 million British adults were smokers in 2016 - with Northern Ireland having the highest proportion of people with the habit.

Across the United Kingdom, more men are smokers than women, with 17.7% of men being current smokers compared to 14.1% of women. She stated that the government is reluctant to introduce licensing for tobacco retailers even though both the public and retailers are in support of this, notes the BBC. At this public health minister Steve Brine says,"Britain is a world leader in tobacco control, and thanks to our tough action smoking rates in England are at an all-time low".

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One cigarette can make two-thirds of adults addicts