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Men who take ibuprofen are at risk for fertility problems, study says

10 January 2018

The drop in testosterone can cause testicles to shrink, as well as making it more hard to get someone pregnant. Essentially testosterone levels were normal but the men in the ibuprofen group had higher amounts of luteinizing hormone, which stimulates testosterone production.

The study involved 31 men, ages 18 to 35. The experimental group received ibuprofen twice a day for a total of six weeks and was tested for hormone levels at two and six weeks. This rose to a 23% decrease after 44 days.

Separate experiments in the study using human testicular tissue in a lab dish also suggested that ibuprofen could affect testosterone production.

The small study, which was published yesterday (Jan. 8) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that men who took 1,200 milligrams of ibuprofen a day for six weeks developed a hormonal condition that is linked with reproductive problems. Tests showed their testosterone levels hadn't changed, although the testes weren't producing adequate levels.

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'Concern has been raised over increased male reproductive disorders in the Western world and the disruption of male hormones has been suggested to play a central role.

The adverse effects in the study weren't permanent.

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'Ibuprofen appears to be the preferred pharmaceutical analgesic for long-term chronic pain and arthritis. Long term, it can lead to a more serious condition called overt primary hypogonadism, which is characterized by low testosterone and libido, depressed mood and reduced muscle mass and strength. The higher and longer the level of exposure, the researchers found, the more dramatic the impact.

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A popular pain medication often popped by men who suffer minors aches and pains related to sports may be linked to infertility, according to a new study.

Now, before you panic, there's no suggestion yet that occasionally relying on an ibuprofen will make your balls shrivel up and die. This amount was used to represent the dose taken by athletes to manage pain.

The finding comes after repeated warnings from other researchers that ibuprofen can raise the risk of heart attacks in the general population and cause medical problems for pregnant women and their babies, including a more than doubling of the risk of miscarriage.

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Men who take ibuprofen are at risk for fertility problems, study says