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Monster Hunter World Gets One More Beta, Details First DLC Monster

06 January 2018

The Monster Hunter Meat Shack sees diners share meat platters or burgers of epic proportions, served from a humungous meat spit, all for free while they play the new game. You can also enjoy a brand new trailer with dragons in it, just so you haven't wasted your click.

The steel dragon Kushala Daora is a beast with a body covered in metal plates and has the power to keep hunters at bay by generating wind storms around itself. All are extremely formidable opponents.

Opposition parties insist on Select Committee for Triple Talaq bill
The Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) on Tuesday issued a three line whip for all its Lok Sabha (LS) and Rajya Sabha (RS) members. The triple talaq bill seems to have reunited the opposition, which had fallen apart in the beginning of the winter session.

Capcom released a new trailer for Monster Hunter World ahead of the game's upcoming release later this month, featuring the behemoths that roam (and rule) the lands, known as Elder Dragons.

The company also released a press statement offering more details on these monsters that you will be hunting. It looks like it's certainly going to be worth holding tight for. Dodogama will be making its first appearance in World, and is a rock-eating dragon that can cause said rocks to become explosive with its saliva.

LG Unveils A 4K HDR Projector Ahead Of CES 2018
While having a TV in your living room is probably one of the most ideal setups, there are also benefits for using projectors. Considering the LG Full HD projectors top out at 2,000 lumens that's an impressive jump up for this beast of a unit.

Capcom's livestream lasted about an hour and detailed what the community should expect before, during and after launch week. One of the free confirmed add-ons is none other than popular monster Deviljho.

Monster Hunter: World launches on the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, with the PC version coming a bit later on. The first major update is already confirmed for spring 2018, and will bring the Devilijho to World for the strongest and bravest among the hunters that are exploring the world.

Nine more dead as violent Iran protests continue over price of food
At least five people were killed Monday in protests in Isfahan province, according to Iran's state-run Asriran news agency. The intelligence ministry said "rioters and agitators of public-unrest" had been arrested, ISNA news agency reported.

Monster Hunter World Gets One More Beta, Details First DLC Monster