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North Korea strikes its own city Tokchon as test missile goes wrong

05 January 2018

The missile crashed within minutes after taking off, in the city of Tokchon in North Korea, damaging industrial and agricultural buildings near the vicinity of the crash site.

A North Korean missile has been reportedly crashed into its own cities after its failed launch.

North Korea Might Have Accidentally Hit Its Own Cities With A Missile

The missile that reportedly crashed, was a Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile that had earlier been test fired twice and had failed on both occasions. The Diplomat magazine quoted a source in the USA intelligence wing as saying that the missile exploded on impact and caused extensive damage to industrial and.or agricultural buildings where it crashed. Notably, the satellite images from Google Earth taken after the crash show a clear area. A building in Chongsin-dong, Tokchon, which appeared to be a greenhouse, was severely damaged with a crater-like impact zone on the ground, believed to have been caused by the highly volatile liquid propellant of the missile, the magazine said, citing an anonymous United States official. The North's latest successful missile test involved a Hwasong-15, a model believed to be intercontinental - that is, having the capacity of flying over 5,500km. However, it is not known whether any loss of life was reported.

Kim Jong-un inspects a Kwasong missile.

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He may have a nuclear button on his desk at all times but North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may not have complete control over his ballistic missiles.

As per The Diplomat, the explosion had created a significant damage to the buildings in the city.

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If true, the report suggests the dangers of North Korean missile tests to countries beneath their flight paths, such as Japan. The consequences in the region could be catastrophic.

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North Korea strikes its own city Tokchon as test missile goes wrong