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Steve Jobs, the Italian clothing firm wins case against Apple

30 December 2017

For those who thought Steve Jobs only refers to the flamboyant Apple CEO who also created the iPhone along with so much more are in for a pleasant surprise, there is also a clothing line going by the same name.

But don't worry - while such phones would appear to contradict everything Steve Jobs stood for, the Barbatos insist their electronics will honor their lofty name. At least, that's how a court ruled in a two-year-long legal battle between Apple and the company that can now officially call itself Steve Jobs Inc.

La Repubblica Napoli reports that Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato first applied to register the Steve Jobs brand name, and logo with the Apple leaf and bite taken out of it, back in 2012.

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Apple did, of course, challenge the branding, sending the brothers four huge folders of legal documents, but the EU's Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market rejected Apple's objection. Very similar to what the Apple logo looks like.

Apple's experienced a crushing blow in their recent onslaught of courtroom drama, as the tech giant lost a trademark lawsuit case filed against an Italian clothing company. Apple focused on the logo, but because the letter "j" isn't seen as an edible item, the bite mark in it wasn't viewed by the courts as copying Apple's own logo.

The case not only covered the name but also the logo the brothers were using. However, unlike Apple which uses the fruit by the same name to depict its company, Steve Jobs does the same with the letter "J".

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The company produces T-Shirts, jeans, bags and more at the moment, although they may plan to launch electronic devices in the future.

What do you think of the court's decision to allow Steve Jobs to exist as a non-Apple affiliated company?

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Steve Jobs, the Italian clothing firm wins case against Apple