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Holiday travelers may see lower prices at the pumps

20 December 2017

With millions of Americans traveling during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, experts do not believe there will be an increase in gas prices, but rather a potential decrease.

Gas prices in Southwest Florida continued to fall over the week, returning to levels before they surged after Hurricane Harvey in late August. Gas prices are still higher than past year after the Harvey-related refinery shutdowns sent them spiking across Texas.

Menorah may have sparked deadly Brooklyn fire
A woman and three children were killed in an early Monday morning house fire in Brooklyn, fire and police officials said . Nigro said one of the teenagers jumped, while others in the house were able to get out a side door.

As of Tuesday, Pennsylvania gas prices dropped by two cents to an average of $2.70 per gallon, according to a news report by AAA. The averages fell 3 cents in Florida to $2.37 and 4 cents in Georgia to $2.28.

As more than 97 million motorists prepare to hit the road for the Christmas or New Year's holidays ahead, gas prices in Chattanooga are still 9.6 cents per gallon above a year ago. The U.S. average is almost 20 cents higher than this time a year ago.

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Flu activity has officially been elevated to "widespread" in the state of Ohio according to health officials. The new findings mean that even more people will be able to get their recommended flu shot without sacrificing peace of mind.

Stay with Northern Michigan's News Leader as we work to keep you updated on these holiday gas prices. The average price for a gallon of gas in CT is $2.65 ($2.67), $2.63 in NY ($2.65) and $2.71 in Pennsylvania ($2.73). Petersburg-Clearwater and Jacksonville regions.

Its December 18 evidence-based survey of gas prices across the state show the average price of a gallon of gas is $2.49. It was also 6 cents cheaper than the national average but notably more than Georgia's $2.29 average and Tennessee's average of $2.22.

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But Russia is inextricably linked to any discussions regarding North Korea, so Trump also doesn't have much of a choice. The phone conversation came after a request from the US , the Kremlin said in an emailed statement .

Holiday travelers may see lower prices at the pumps