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You Can Now Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your Apple TV

08 December 2017

Amazon and Apple launched the Amazon Prime Video on the Apple TV yesterday, this is one app that many people have been waiting for on the Apple TV. From there, you can either watch programs through a Prime subscription ($100 per year for all Prime benefits, or $9 per month for Video only), and buy or rent individual shows and movies à la carte (prices vary).

While Apple, Google and Amazon all bicker with each other about how they deliver and distribute each other's products and services, other streaming platforms are also increasingly tetchy about the way the big three tech/web giants organise their respective platforms so to favour their own music and video services. That said, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV back in 2015 strictly because of Apple TV's lack of a Prime Video app.

The restriction means that Amazon's Echo Show and its Fire TV can only access YouTube through its existing website, not through the app. Now, the Amazon Prime Video app has finally started rolling out to the Apple TV. Google has already made its intentions clear by blocking YouTube access from the Amazon Echo Show which is now being sold in the United States and can be described as an Alexa equipped Echo speaker with a 7inch display.

Arizona's Trent Franks Expected to Resign
Right now, it is unclear why he is stepping down, but sources say there have been rumors of inappropriate behavior . The primary election is to be held no less than 80 and no more than 90 days after the vacancy occurs.

The rivalry among leading brands has been helping other players to strive in the market. After being announced at the recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), users can now watch Prime original series and movies on their devices.

Amazon retorted that Google is setting a "disappointing precedent" by imposing a no-go zone around what's otherwise "an open website" on every device in the universe that doesn't carry the Amazon brand.

It's been a while since Apple first told everyone that Prime Video would be coming to its Apple TV streamers. Although that doesn't explain why Amazon has also pulled those Nest products. You can get YouTube, Google Play and Amazon video, but not iTunes. The Apple TV 4K comes in either 32GB or 64GB variants, although note that this won't allow you to store much content locally, whether 4K or 1080p. (With Fire TV and Apple TV, you can pair wireless headphones).

The world's biggest Starbucks just opened in China
One of its three coffee bars is 88-feet long, the longest Starbucks bar in the world - because waiting in line is so 2016. Starbucks increased its China investment during July, when plans were announced to buy out its joint venture partners.

Roku's Express sells for just $30. For cheaper models, you can get that through Roku's smartphone app.

Now everyone can take a deep breath and relax: Amazon Prime Video is only a button click away on your Apple TV device.

Mueller's Team Spent $3.2M On Russia Probe From May Through September
In June, the German bank rejected a demand by Democrats to provide details of the President's finances, citing privacy laws. So far, the special counsel has charged four people as part of the investigation including Manafort and Flynn.

You Can Now Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your Apple TV