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Facebook Goes Child Friendly With The All New Messenger Kids App

07 December 2017

For parents in the US who are interested in trying out the new child-friendly app, Messenger Kids is now available for iOS devices. Children and their parents download the stand-alone app to their smartphone or tablet to use, but parents control every aspect of who their children talk to from their own Facebook account. From there, you will see all the available controls, such as the ability to add people to your child's approved contact list.

Facebook also said it would block children from sharing nudity, sexual or violent content, and have a dedicated moderation team to respond to flagged content.

The app, which launches Monday in the United States, gives the company access to a new market whose age prohibits them from using the firm's main social network.

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While some users were not sure whether they were the only ones affected, others hilariously tweeted that Messenger going down means the end is quite near. Davis said that if a parent decides to delete a child's account, Facebook will also delete any data from its own servers.

Even so, child heath experts like Dunaway remain skeptical.

What makes this app different from the normal messenger app. At launch, kids can use it on a iPad or iPhone in order to video chat with a grandparent or message a cousin or send a decorated photo to a friend.

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And messages don't disappear and can't be hidden in case parents want to monitor them, Facebook says on its website. With Messenger Kids, she said, Facebook has thought through what's appropriate for kids. "Messenger Kids is also created to be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA)". And the latest update about Facebook is that it has announced a new app for kids. Facebook's safeguards have made it more hard for strangers to contact a child, they said.

The outage follows a similar problem for Facebook Messenger on November 30, when users reported being unable to send messages. At that point, your child's device can be handed back to them so that they can start using Messenger Kids.

This is why Facebook as well many other social media companies forbid and prohibited the younger kids from joining.

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The NSPCC said the app was "a step in the right direction" because it discourages kids from lying about their age to get an account on Facebook, which has a minimum age of 13. Magid said it may be more realistic to encourage companies to create safer, more limited and legally compliant services as a sort of "training wheels" version of more mainstream social media.

Facebook Goes Child Friendly With The All New Messenger Kids App