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Does vodka actually make you more aggressive?

24 November 2017

Scientists have found red wine is relaxing while spirits make people feel sexy and confident but more aggressive. For example, people who drink spirits regularly usually tend to elicit negative feelings when compared to other types of beverages. "People might drink to feel more confident or relaxed but they also risk other negative emotional responses too".

Red wine, a particular favourite amongst the older women in the group was found to be the beverage most closely linked to feelings of lethargy, drowsiness and relaxation. especially in comparison to white wine.

Bellis: Spirits were most strongly associated with feelings of being energised, confident, and sexy. In fact, almost a third of respondents - 30 per cent - ticked the box linking spirits with feelings of aggression (compared to 7 per cent for red wine). "For centuries, the history of rum, gin, vodka and other spirits has been laced with violence, and it is true that spirits were more strongly associated with being tearful", said Professor Mark Bellis, director of policy, research and global development at Public Health Wales. The question used in the survey probed the type of alcohol consumed by the participants and the associated emotions. "This can result in a quicker stimulating effect as blood alcohol levels increase", Bellis was quoted as saying by "The Telegraph".

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"Such prices can encourage consumption at levels harmful to the health of the drinker and through violence and injuries also represent a risk to the people around them".

Results varied greatly between age clusters and genders but scientists are hoping that through further research, this new study could possibly help to shed some light on the reasons behind different people's alcohol dependency, by better understanding their emotional relationship with different alcoholic drinks.

Confidence and sexiness make up the middle ground here; 27.88 percent reported feeling confident and 25.20 percent reported feeling sexy.

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It is worth also bearing in mind that there are compounds apart from alcohol in different drinks.

And heavy drinkers were more likely to select any drink that was associated for them with feelings of aggression and tearfulness when at home or when out. They were six times more likely to feel aggressive after drinking and also were more likely to feel exhausted or tearful. British scientists have noted that men in a state of intoxication more in control of their emotions than women.

They speculate that people's emotions are also likely to be affected by their mood before drinking, the speed and quantity of alcohol they drank, mixed drinks and activities such as dancing and socialising. The emotional side of drinking is another important aspect to consider when trying to tackle alcohol related harms. So manage to solve the problem of increasing the number of people with alcohol dependence and the level of violence in society, he added. Although these are part of the difference in taste between drinks, little consideration has been given to what other affects they may have on the drinker.

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Does vodka actually make you more aggressive?