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Electric shuttle bus returning to downtown Las Vegas roads

12 November 2017

A representative for the city of Las Vegas said the shuttle was grazed by a delivery truck.

Las Vegas Police say the human behind the wheel of the truck was at fault over the crash on Wednesday and the driver was cited for illegal backing.

The driverless electric shuttle in downtown Las Vegas, pictured on November 9, 2017, is back on the road one day after it was involved in an accident with a truck.

Technology onboard the Vegas shuttle was developed by Navya.

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The eight-passenger shuttle is now offering free rides to people along a half-mile loop in the city's Fremont East "Innovation District". City officials were quick to throw the human under the.shuttle as well, with one even going so far as to tell KSNV News that the whole thing could have been avoided "had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has".

A driverless shuttle bus was in a auto accident the first day the electric vehicle was being tested in Las Vegas.

It does seem however that this technology is not quite ready yet though, after a self-driving bus crashed just two hours after launching.

Since first deploying the NAVYA ARMA in France in late 2015, the vehicles have transported more than 100,000 people and have grown to have a fleet of 30 ARMA's in use in seven countries around the world, including the United States, as of today. Unfortunately, writing an algorithm that allows an autonomous vehicle to respond to the potentially erratic behavior of a human driver isn't easy.

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Why did they launch the self-driving shuttle?

A spokesperson for AAA, which is working with Las Vegas and Keolis to sponsor the program and survey driver attitudes toward autonomous vehicles, confirmed on Twitter that the accident was actually the truck driver's fault. But, the truck continued backing up until its tires touched the front of the shuttle.

A truck backed into the self-driving shuttle, causing a relatively minor crash with no injuries.

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Electric shuttle bus returning to downtown Las Vegas roads