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World of Tanks Enhancements Roll Out For Xbox One X

09 November 2017

Microsoft launched the Xbox One X yesterday, and thousands upon thousands of people have surely unboxed their new consoles by now. A small number of Xbox 360 games were recently announced to be enhanced on new console as well, and Microsoft has just added a few games to that list.

Cyclist who flipped off Trump's motorcade fired from her job
After the first time the convoy passed her, she caught up again when it stopped at a red light. She is now working with attorneys at the American Civil Liberties Union.

A thread on gaming forum ResetEra compiled numerous posts from gamers claiming that their Xbox One X's had "bricked" or refused to turn on. You can still order the $500 console through GameStop's website, though in-store availability may vary. On PC, this is just an on/off toggle, and to be honest it doesn't radically affect the look of the game in Diablo's dark dungeons - only in brighter exterior scenes. For those that want a cheaper alternative, you can always pick up an Xbox One S for around $200 or wait it out for special holiday bundles. With 4K gameplay, improved frame rates, and faster loading times, the Xbox One X is certainly a tempting console but, as Xbox head Phil Spencer said, it's created to appeal more to gaming connoisseurs. Many of them reported the same story that they had used their console for a while and turned it off, only to try to turn it back on again later and find that it had died. With not enough consoles to go around and everyone firing up their Xbox One X and sharing their experiences, having to wait for the console to be restocked would help generate more buzz to keep the sales thriving.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Season Pass Announced, Here's Everything It Includes
One is a Rex costume (the hero of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ) will be available for Link to wear in Breath of the Wild on November 9. The Direct goes over a few inside baseball things like combat, towns, and trading, if you want to catch up.

Sam Bradford's season with the Vikings possibly over
Griffen stretched with the team at the start of practice Wednesday, wearing a stocking cap rather than a helmet. Zimmer said Bridgewater at times has been rusty. "He's moved well, thrown the ball well, good accuracy".

World of Tanks Enhancements Roll Out For Xbox One X