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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion announced

04 November 2017

Arguably the face of the MMO/RPG's World of Warcraft gets a brand new cinematic trailer and as per usual it's absolutely incredible to watch even if you aren't a World of Warcraft die-hard.

New continents are being added to the world too, Kul Tiras for the Alliance which is the home of Jaina Proudmore, and the Troll island of Zandalar for the Horde.

A release date for the expansion wasn't provided, but it's expected sometime next year.

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As reported in the Battle for Azeroth reveal post, World of Warcraft player will be able to choose six new playable Allied Races - four of which were encountered in the Legion campaign.

This will mark the seventh complete expansion pack for World of Warcraft, which will implement new zones, level cap increases, and a look at the ongoing conflict between the game's two divisive factions: Alliance and Horde.

World of Warcraft is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Other new elements introduced in this expansion are Island Expeditions, where three players cooperatively take on a rotating assortment of tasks on an island. While the current version of the game is still enjoyed by millions of players, there was something magical about those early days that fans have been dying to return to. First, the reveal of WoW's next massive expansion Battle for Azeroth, and second, the arrival of official Vanilla World of Warcraft servers.

The expansion will also feature Warfront, 20-player cooperative PvE battles reminiscent of RTS favorite Warcraft. Sadly, this server will be a huge undertaking and probably won't be ready for a while, but the process can be sped up if anyone who owns one of the original server blades sends it back to Blizzard. A big focus of the expansion will be dominating warfronts for your respective faction, meaning you allegiances will be tested more than ever before.

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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion announced