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Former FBI chief James Comey reveals his secret Twitter account

26 October 2017

Comey officially unmasked himself yesterday when the account posted a picture of himself standing on an Iowa road. Let's start off with Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, who said, "Former FBI director Jim Comey tweets this pensive photo from Iowa, wearing running shoes in the home of the caucuses".

United States lawyer Benjamin Wittes, a close friend of Mr Comey, then cleared up any remaining confusion and confirmed in a tweet that the account did belong to him.

Comey, who is writing a book, tweeted on Friday that he was happy to be back in the Hawkeye State.

Benjamin Wittes tweeted confirmation today that the account does indeed belong to Comey.

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Comey is at work on a book on ethics and leadership due out in the spring.

One could only imagine what Comey might have been tweeting had he been active on Twitter during some of President Trump's most vile attacks toward him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

True to form, the more creative minds on Twitter took things farther afield. The former director, fired by President Trump back in May, has been at the center of politics for over a year now, spanning back to before the 2016 Presidential election.

Comey has tweeted six times since March 30, when he posted a link to the FBI's job website with a meme of Will Ferrell's character, Ron Burgundy, in the movie "Anchorman".

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It has no picture and follows just a handful of journalists and media accounts.

On the same day as his maiden tweet, Comey would later tell Congress that the president called him that morning and described the Russian Federation investigation as a "cloud" over his presidency.

Comey did not immediately respond to a message from The New York Times to his Twitter account.

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Former FBI chief James Comey reveals his secret Twitter account