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There are new cases swellings iPhone 8

07 October 2017

Samsung initially tried to blame the fires on punters not using the official charging cables, but Apple has, so far, wisely chosen not to go that route, especially since some users have said they did use the official Apple charging cable.

There was no sign of scorching or an explosion, meaning that the phone was like this before the device was plugged into the wall outlet. Today, state run media in China reported that a consumer in the country with the surname Liu, received his iPhone 8 Plus with the device cracked open in the box.

The front screen piece is clearly bent, leaving the device in a non-functional state with the internal components partly exposed. Though the cause is unconfirmed for now, it is believed that swelling of the battery is forcing the handset to split open.

So, Uh, John Kelly's Phone Was Reportedly Hacked Months Ago
The suspected breach could have happened as long ago as December, Politico reported, citing USA government officials. Officials anxious about the depths of information that might have been compromised.

In case you wondered, both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are stuck together using water-resistant adhesive and getting that removed is a chore on its own. The most likely resolution is that Apple changes something silently on the supply chain side to stop new devices from being produced with this fault.

After first two reports, an Apple spokesman, MacRumors, said company is "aware and interested in issue".

Apple iPhone 8 Plus units began shipping on September 22, but a few new owners have noticed a peculiar issue.

Google Launches Home Max and Home Mini Smart Speakers
Google has announced that after Canada and the U.S. , now the United Kingdom is also going to get free hands free calling. The rounded-edged speaker can be flipped to sit horizontally or vertically, depending on where you have it in your home.

But the spotlight has been shone on battery issues following the disastrous problems faced by Samsung with it's 2016 Galaxy Note 7. The company will have already shipped millions of iPhones worldwide, even a 0.0001% failure rate will affect a sizeable number of people.

The first of these issues was recorded in Taiwan by a woman who purchased a 64GB iPhone 8 Plus in rose gold shortly after the phone was released just one week ago.

Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone X - with the "X" signifying the Roman numeral 10 - on November 3, with preorders starting on October 27.

Over half million Rohingya fled Myanmar, 2000 per day, says UN
The UN has "substantial capacity" in Myanmar which can be quickly deployed to northern Rakhine once clearance is granted he added.

There are new cases swellings iPhone 8