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Woman orders yoga mat, gets oxycodone instead

06 October 2017

The woman told a local news channel that the pills were spilling out the sides of the package, so she didn't hesitate to call the police.

A SC woman got much more than she was expecting when she opened a package from the post office.

It's possible that only an unnamed SC woman who tried to order a yoga mat from Walmart is acquainted with this particular sensation.

Drug unit commander Marvin Brown said drugs are often shipped to empty homes where someone is sitting and waiting for the package to arrive. An incident report says she did not know who had used her name and address.

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Inside the package, the two bags contained approximately 10,000 pills each at a price of $20 a pill. She immediately called police after opening the box.

Brown said it is likely the package was supposed to be sent to the woman's former address at a condo near Dave Lyle Boulevard.

"The dealers weren't as intelligent as they thought they were", Brown said.

Now agents are trying to figure out where the package was really headed.

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Drug unit Commander Marvin Brown said the package was likely meant to be delivered to the woman's previous address, which she recently moved from and is now vacant, WSOC reported.

The woman's neighbor, Nicole Riddle, was reportedly stunned by the delivery.

"The suspects go around looking for vacant houses and have stuff mailed to the addresses", Rock Hill Police spokesperson Mark Bollinger said.

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Woman orders yoga mat, gets oxycodone instead