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Pro-Trump accounts tried to frame left-wing activist for Las Vegas shooting

04 October 2017

A California restaurant apologized after a promotional post on its Facebook page was published about their Las Vegas locations following the mass shooting there.

4chan's users quickly turned their attention to Geary Danley-the apparent the husband of Marilou, according to an archived version of a Facebook page belonging to a user named Geary Danley-though the name was not directly mentioned by law enforcement.

Perhaps the most egregious strain of misinformation took hold after far-right trolls gathered on 4chan, a forum in which individuals are permitted to post nearly anything anonymously, and, through some amateur online sleuthing, misidentified the shooter. It described him as someone thought to be "a Democrat who liked Rachel Maddow,, and associated with the anti-Trump army". A profile of Danley put together on Everipedia, a Wikipedia-style site with much looser guidelines and moderation.

US Army General to Lead to Puerto Rico Recovery Effort
Under the waiver, cargos from foreign ports can be delivered directly to Puerto Rico without passing through US ports. Cornelio also said the number of open gas stations has increased from about 400 to 676.

In its "Top Stories" section, a space that features breaking stories on search queries and is located at the top of the page, Google's first recommended link was to one of the 4chan boards in which the wrong person was blamed for the massacre.

The search results below the top stories did little to help clarify the situation. Other false reports spread on the social media network included a hoax falsely identifying comedian Sam Hyde as the shooter.

The death toll has now risen to 59 with over 500 injured after suspected lone gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire from a hotel room window.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants a repeat performance from Eden Hazard
However, Chelsea will surely miss Morata more than City will Sergio Aguero and United will Pogba. His first start of the season went amazingly well and he was Chelsea's best player on the pitch.

"Unfortunately, early this morning we were briefly serving an inaccurate 4chan website in our Search results for a small number of queries", the company said in a statement.

The incident highlights yet again how news and social-media algorithms created to help surface the best information can fall short in the hours after a major incident, when few factual details are readily available because authorities have yet to confirm or release them. The 4chan result only appeared if users entered the erroneous name as a query, Google said.

During life-threatening events, Safety Check lets people announce that they're OK and also aggregates news and even points to fundraisers.

Dave Strader, ex-Wings broadcaster, dies at 62
Strader is survived by his wife, Colleen, three sons (Christopher, Casey and Trevor), and two grandchildren (Sydney and Charles). In April, the Hockey Hall of Fame presented Strader with the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for his contributions as a broadcaster.

Among those falsely stated to be missing in Las Vegas were a German pro soccer player, a murder suspect from Mexico and a male porn star - whose pictures were apparently plucked from the internet. "However, their removal was delayed, allowing them to be screen captured and circulated online".

Pro-Trump accounts tried to frame left-wing activist for Las Vegas shooting