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Super Nintendo mini-console is your new must-have obsession

01 October 2017

Of course, any discussion of the SNES Classic also has to address its supply issues. You can share some of your old favorites like Super Mario World and F-Zero, and even those that you spent weeks playing in the time before maps and walkthroughs on Google like Final Fantasy III. As with the NES Classic, Nintendo lets you "suspend" games in progress, so you don't have to wait to get to a save point in a game.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to buy classic Nintendo games piecemeal on my Switch, but I'm not sure it's coming anytime soon.

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You can buy 6 foot or 10 foot SNES Classic Controller extension cables that allow you to lean back on the couch and play without going big on wireless controllers.

Target - Target unfortunately isn't selling systems online yet, but they do have a splash page up for the system.

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So even if you end up getting the SNES Classic from a scalper on eBay for $250, it's still a bargain compared with what you'd pay if you tracked down the original console and all these games individually.

The plug-and-play console offers a retro gaming experiencing for those looking to enjoy a little 16-bit nostalgia. And the simple, side-scrolling gameplay of the past is no match for the interactive worlds created by augmented and virtual reality games. That's a theory I tested with Caroline. It doesn't seem likely here, but here's the link to the landing page just in case they happen to get more. Maneuvering Luigi around the track in "Super Mario Kart" proved to be too hard, and she put the controller down after the first race and switched back to "Minecraft" on her Kindle.

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According to Eurogamer, Nintendo's plans for a new SNES are major reasons why last year's NES mini did not see a reprieve from discontinuation, despite its continued popularity. It also said that the NES Classic would return to retail shelves next year. While it's not possible to add or remove games from the system, with such a well-rounded variety of games, you shouldn't have to.

Super Nintendo mini-console is your new must-have obsession