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Microsoft adds its gaming chief to its Senior Leadership Team

22 September 2017

That's a change from the mood around the business a few years ago, when some Wall Street analysts called for Microsoft to package and sell the Xbox unit, contending there were few links between video gaming and Microsoft's core of business software.

According to Business Insider, Spencer's new job title is executive vice president of gaming. You can look at a game like Forza 7 which is really pushing the envelope of technology with native 4K, 60 frames per second, and high-resolution textures. Of course, with Reddit being Reddit, users did some digging and found out that it wasn't a hoax - the user was confirmed to be playing on Xbox One and not PC as speculated by some. He assumed control of the Xbox division soon after Nadella became CEO in 2014.

The unintentional cross-platform play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers on Fortnite reveals that enabling the feature is actually easy for developers to do, with one example being Psyonix stating that all it needed to enable Rocket League cross-platform play was approval from Sony.

Tim Cook reckons $999 is a value price for the iPhone X
Those connoisseurs will be a minority - although a substantial minority - of iPhone buyers, however. The iPhone X's lofty price hasn't gone unnoticed, and some critics have said it's too expensive.

What current Xbox One games will be Xbox One X enhanced? Priced at Rs 29,990 the Xbox One S is already available for preorder in India on and Flipkart along with a couple of other retailers.

Xbox has gained a seat at Microsoft's most important table.

Interestingly, Microsoft updated its list of Xbox One X Enhanced titles yesterday, but Call of Duty WWII still hasn't been listed as an enhanced title. Let me give you one more reason to pre-order Xbox One X right now.

Trump's approval rating ticks up - with help of bipartisan deal
When respondents who identified as "conservative" were asked, just 5% said Trump was too willing to work with Democrats. Forty-seven percent also would give him Trump an "F" for steps he's taking toward environmental protection efforts.

So, should the #Xbox One X be automatically ignored if you do not possess a TV capable of that quality?

Obviously, a 1080p screen can not show that level of detail, so supersampling will be employed to downscale the image to meet the monitor's requirement. "I think all multiplayer games would be better for cross play".

Takeaways from the Lions HUGE win over the Giants on MNF
Jeff Sagarin's National Football League ratings like the Falcons over the Lions by just a hair more than one point. He ended up holding up and doing a nice job. "We put this game on me", he said. "I've been on both sides".

Microsoft adds its gaming chief to its Senior Leadership Team