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Golovkin and Canelo arrive in Las Vegas

14 September 2017

Alvarez is younger and faster and will give Golovkin a hard fight, but GGG will control the early rounds with his jab, survive through some tough middle rounds when Canelo brings the pressure, and then use his guile, endurance and peerless power to secure a late-round knockout.

Gennady Golovkin comes into his super-bout with Saul Alvarez boasting an unbeaten record, but Canelo is promising to put an end to that in the most emphatic fashion. However, Canelo is now on a seven-fight win streak, which began following his loss against Mayweather Jr and has seen him mature and improve, with four of those victories coming inside the distance and the other three going the full 12 rounds, something Alvarez has a lot more experience in. Estimated value of the signed glove is $200 U.S. This contest is open to residents of U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) 18 years and over.

Nobody in boxing cuts off the ring like Gennady Golovkin. Who I am? Canelo?

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On the flip side, this is not unfamiliar territory for Golovkin: the 35-year-old has been favored in every one of his 37 previous fights, although he's never been favored by less than he is against Canelo. That's what makes Alvarez-Golovkin feel a lot more like similar to marquee fights like Felix Trinidad-De La Hoya and Pernell Whitaker-Julio Cesar Chavez than anything the subsequent two decades have been able to produce. In this case, the two best at middleweight just happen to be two of the most popular fighters in the entire sport.

So what scenario will it be this weekend: Alvarez or Golovkin getting rattled by their opponent's punching power; both showing respect for each other's punching power; or both showing too much respect? Ironically, Alvarez is now the fighter moving up in weight to challenge the heavier champion. As we get closer to the fight, the main point of conversation has shifted from post-Mayweather-McGregor residue to the big question: who will win?

It is likely GGG will dominate the first few rounds with his superior push-away style jab, succeeding in keeping Canelo at the range that suits him best.

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The highly anticipated marquee matchup the real boxing world has been waiting for is finally happening Saturday, live on HBO Pay Per View from Las Vegas Nevada. I think GGG's experience will give him an extremely slight edge and I would not be shocked to be wrong on this one. The fight is more important to him.

"It's very interesting for me".

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Golovkin and Canelo arrive in Las Vegas