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Jamaica & GB through to relay final

13 August 2017

The decorated sprinter will appear for the last time at a major championships in the final at 8:50 this morning New Zealand time. It is not just about his talent. The roar for the Jamaican as he came out to the track was eardrum-shattering, and many expected to ramp this up a decibel or two as he crossed the line to claim another gold.

In the semifinals, he actually lost by.01 to Coleman _ a rare defeat in any sort of race, but one that could still be chalked up to it being a tune-up, with the real race more than two hours away. The way he does his lap of honour at the end of each race is simply exhilarating.

Usain Bolt's finish line photos were nearly always the same. Sometimes, it takes him an hour to complete a lap of honour when the race proper had taken him less than 10 seconds. The press made several puns about Bolt's 100m race and the nickname gained worldwide familiarity after that.

The way Bolt has managed to do this is his greatest legacy. It is the good news story they crave.

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Bolt has stirred the Track and Field scene since his Olympic debut in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. But then, the young and determined Bolt had other plans. Bolt essentially confirmed that notion after his bronze medal finish at the World Championships. But Bolt's phenomenon isn't limited by mere numbers and the colour of the metal.

Brittney Reese won her fourth long jump world title with a 7.02-meter leap.

"The crowd was wonderful, we did what we had to do and that was qualify", Bolt told BBC Sport. And if what they do or take poses no harm to anyone except themselves, who cares?!

Usain Bolt hugs Justin Gatlin after the American won the 100m final at the World Athletics Championships in London. Gatlin had been banned for one year and four years respectively for dope-related offences.

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Gatlin is the sport's most controversial drugs cheat. He showed the world that an athlete does not need to cut corners before becoming a global prodigy.

Much will be out of Bolt's hands. This is aside from hundreds of millions others that were glued to the television just to catch a glimpse of a 10-second event.

Through most of the race, it looked as if Bolt would be trying to reel in Coleman, the NCAA champion, who was in Lane 5, and got out faster than anyone in the field. "Athletics is in such a poor shape before Bolt busted into the scene". His exit will leave a hole in the sport that will be hard to fill. In a blemished period, Bolt has been unblemished. He was athletics' Muhammad Ali and Pele rolled into one. Usain Bolt is it! The relay will be very competitive.”.

No matter the result of the relay, organisers said Bolt will be afforded a dedicated lap of honour on Sunday in tribute to his wonderful track career. He has done just enough to put his name in gold in the hearts of sports fans. In a 2009 RunBlogRun post, Bolt's earnings were said to be up to $3 million. This is why she is one of the all-time greats at her sprinting discipline; the sheer concentration was clearly evident on her calm face.

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Both Bolt and Gatlin were gracious at the end of the race. All in all, his career earnings estimate is at £47 million.

Jamaica & GB through to relay final