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Florida Mom Drove With Daughter's Dead Body For 2 Days

10 August 2017

A Jacksonville woman was arrested after her 11-year-old daughter's body was found near the scene of a traffic crash in West Virginia, police said.

Plummer said Newsome texted him out of the blue early Saturday to say she was bringing Kaye-lea to Buffalo.

"I can't even wrap my head around what even would have made [my wife] snap", Plummer told the station.

"It was obvious that the 11-year-old did not die from injuries from the accident", State Police Sergeant Herby Barlow said.

The girl's dead body was inside a auto when her mother, Erica Newsome of Jacksonville, lost control of the vehicle and crashed near the West Virginia and Virginia border Sunday morning, police said.

Newsome and the body of her daughter were found on an old logging road about 150 feet away from the crash site, State Police Sgt.

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"Something pushed her over the edge and she snapped", he told News 4 Jax.

Media reports from West Virginia said Newsome was on her way to Buffalo with the child's body Sunday morning when her auto struck a guard rail on Allegheny Mountain, a mile and a half west of the Virginia border.

Newsome was arrested on charges of concealing the body of her daughter and was jailed on $50,000 while investigators searched for evidence in Florida.

Kaye-lea's father, Donath Plummer told WIVB that he and Newsome had been separated since 2014.

"They had said they found them at the scene of the accident, but they don't believe, they didn't believe my daughter had died in the accident". Foul play was suspected, he said.

According to the newspaper, Newsome also told Dillon Kaye-lea did not move, eat, drink, speak, or use the bathroom for two days.

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Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detectives were headed to West Virginia on Monday, police said.

On Sunday, police came to his workplace with news that his daughter was dead, he said.

'We didn't always agree on everything, but she was a great mother.

"If she hadn't been discovered [by the couple] I wouldn't have known about the child", Barlow added. "Something is very, very wrong", Plummer said.

"Some illness, some sickness that got into her- that's the only explanation I could think of because Erica didn't do that", Plummer said.

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Florida Mom Drove With Daughter's Dead Body For 2 Days