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Iranian Drone Buzzes US Fighter Jet Over Persian Gulf

09 August 2017

An Iranian drone flew within 100 feet of a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Tuesday, forcing the jet to take evasive action as it attempted to land on the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf.

According to the statement, the us military made "repeated calls to stay clear of the fixed-wing flight operations in the vicinity of USS Nimitz", but the Iranian drone still "executed unsafe and unprofessional altitude changes" close to the American F/A/-18E that was "in a holding pattern preparing to on the aircraft carrier".

"If the F/A-18 had not done the maneuver", the two aircraft would have collided, the official said.

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The Navy has called this new incident between iranian forces and the us navy in the Persian Gulf as "unsafe and unprofessional".

Hours before the incident, the drone was about 4 nautical miles from the Nimitz at an altitude of about 7,000 feet, the official said.

147 was in a landing pattern several thousand feet off the deck of the ship waiting to land.

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A USA fighter jet had to take evasive action to avoid colliding with an Iranian drone that came within 100 feet of the warplane, according to multiple reports. The drone did not appear to be armed. It did eventually move off.

This is not the first time the US Navy has accused Iranian drones of operating unprofessionally while in close proximity to US ships.

Unnamed officials described the incident as "unsafe and unprofessional", according to the reports. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ship came at the USS Thunderbolt at high speeds.

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The incident comes after a series of confrontations between United States and Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian Drone Buzzes US Fighter Jet Over Persian Gulf