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Google fires engineer who "crossed the line" with diversity memo

09 August 2017

Search engine giant Google has fired an employee who had earlier written an internal memo saying that speaking about gender equality wasn't right as men and women had different abilities and that women were biologically inferior to men when it came to tech jobs.

According to Reuters, Damore said he was sacked for "perpetuating gender stereotypes".

Google has fired James Damore, an engineer who wrote a controversial essay arguing that the company has gone overboard in its attempts to promote diversity. Pichai also said singling out colleagues for being biologically less suited to their work is "offensive and not OK". When addressing the gap in representation in the population, we need to look at population level differences in distributions. He added that women prefer jobs in artistic or social areas while men in coding.

Damore's memo attacked the idea that gender diversity should be a goal.

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Late last week, an unnamed engineer circulated a memo that reads how women are "unsuited" for tech jobs, citing reasons like "biological causes".

After the memo circulated internally on Friday, Google employees sent it to media and the story caught fire in US media over the weekend.

In an email to employees on Saturday, Danielle Brown, Google's newly appointed vice president of diversity and integrity, acknowledged the memo and said it "advanced incorrect assumptions about gender".

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The 10-page document accused Google of being an echo chamber and intolerant of conservative viewpoints, and claimed biological differences kept women from executive positions.

In a statement to the New York Times' Daisuke Wakabayashi‏, Damore said he would "likely take legal action" against Google over his termination. And on Monday, CEO Sundar Pichai emailed the company's staff blasted portions of the memo for "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" in the workplace.

Google, like many forward-thinking companies, has an agenda of fostering diversity in its culture.

According to Google's 2017 diversity report, while the overall women to men ratio is 31:69, in the technology and leadership roles, the gap becomes even wider.

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All this comes at the time when Google is facing a lawsuit in U.S. court for following a male-driven and gender-biased work culture.

Google fires engineer who