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British model kidnapped in Italy and put up for auction on internet

06 August 2017

A British model was held captive for a week while a man threatened to sell her on pornographic sites hosted on the Dark Web, according to Italian police.

Police are now working to identify Herba's accomplices and established what happened to the woman while she was help captive.

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said: "We have been providing consular support to a British woman in Italy and are in touch with local authorities".

On July 17, for reasons that are not clear, Herba drove the woman back to Milan and released her close to the British Consulate, where he was arrested.

The woman was then kept handcuffed to a wooden chest of drawers in a bedroom for six days until she was released. Reports in Italy say Herba told officers he had sex with the model but it is unclear whether it was consensual and police are still investigating the claim.

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A statement from Milan police headquarters detailed the woman's ordeal.

She was loaded into the trunk of a auto and taken to a cabin on the outskirts of Lemie, a remote town in the Italian Alps, she told authorities.

Italian media reports that Herba has links to the "Black Death" criminal organisation that works on the dark web.

The unnamed suspect faced pre-trial before magistrate Anna Magelli yesterday. He was jailed for investigation of suspected kidnapping for extortion purposes.

Authorities said they are searching for at least one more person in connection with the kidnapping.

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The place where a man held a young British model, according to police.

They also traced his mobile phone and tracked down a taxi driver who gave him a lift and were able to lie in wait at the Consulate for him.

While holding her hostage, the man demanded around £45,100 (€50,000) from her if she wished to be freed.

Police believe that Pawel Herba has advertised the "sale" of the woman on the internet, as well as demanding a ransom from the woman's agent of $300,000.

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British model kidnapped in Italy and put up for auction on internet