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Play Store Now Supports Android O's Notification Channels

05 August 2017

With this update, Google had found that people who established higher quality apps would then go on to work those apps more and uninstall them less.

Consequently, the apps with good ratings and better stability will appear on the top in the search and discovery results, while the unstable apps will have to settle with lower ranks.

App developers who favor speed to market as opposed to actual app quality could find themselves punished by Google.

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"We recently enhanced our search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality", said Google, adding that this results in higher-quality apps being surfaced in the Play Store more than similar apps of lower quality.

On the Google Play Store about the app stability problems, the impetus for this change came after Google realised that around half of the 1-star reviews.

According to Google, the new algorithm will downrank apps that crash or cause any other performance issues like excessive battery usage and slow render times. For example, the company will take into account no-brainers such as app crashes, battery drain and the number of uninstalls that an app has. This will further push these apps down in the ratings.

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Notification Channels are one of many significant additions that Android O is set to introduce, allowing users to manage their notifications in a granular manner, specifically deciding which types of prompts they want to receive instead of simply (de) prioritizing all notifications from individual apps or using binary system-wide settings to enable or disable notifications. So while Google still does use this as a metric in their algorithm, it's just not as important as it was before.

For example, Android Vitals automatically analyzes app reports to show devs pertinent info about app issues, while pre-launch reports show the results of testing an alpha or beta app on popular consumer devices. In a recent blog post on the Android Developers Blog, we learn about how Google is helping people find quality applications and games in Google Play.

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Play Store Now Supports Android O's Notification Channels