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United States wages full-scale trade war against Russia: Medvedev

04 August 2017

Iran said the new sanctions violated the nuclear deal and it would respond in an "appropriate and proportional" manner.

Mr Medvedev went further - saying the sanctions show the Trump administration was "utterly powerless" and that they amounted to a "full-scale trade war". He also warned that the measures could actually unite the countries targeted.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has already blasted Trump for surrendering before the Congress and said the hopes of improvement of relations between the two countries were over. It also notably constrains Trump's ability to waive the penalties, a statement of mistrust from the Republican-controlled Congress, which remains unsettled by Trump's warm words for President Vladimir Putin.

"The administration is conducting a strategic retreat on the issue, bending to Congress", Buckley admitted.

"My Administration will give careful and respectful consideration to the preferences expressed by the Congress in these various provisions", said Trump, per the advisory of his lawyers.

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However, while Trump still wanted to improve relations with Russian Federation, he did not appear at the moment to have the opportunity to do so, Buckley observed.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says President Donald Trump's signing of sanctions legislation sends a powerful message to USA foes that "they will be held accountable for their actions".

"Now the opportunity to move away from a confrontational stance is lost", Brenner acknowledged.

It was powerful evidence of the roadblock Congress has erected to Trump's efforts to reset relations with Russian Federation at a time when federal investigators are probing Moscow's interference in the USA presidential election and possible collusion by the Trump campaign. To waive sanctions, Trump has to send Congress a report explaining and justifying his decision, and lawmakers would then get 30 days to decide whether to allow the waiver.

Nebenzia says Russian Federation expected President Donald Trump to sign the sanctions bill.

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That poll was conducted, however, before details emerged about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting past year during the campaign with a Russian attorney, two Russian-Americans and two top aides of the Trump campaign.

A special prosecutor is investigating whether Trump advisers colluded with what United States intelligence has concluded was an attempt by Russian Federation to covertly support the real estate mogul's 2016 campaign.

"New steps are to come, and they will ultimately aim to remove him from power".

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson echoed the president's sentiments that the measure poses more diplomatic hindrances than solutions.

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United States wages full-scale trade war against Russia: Medvedev