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European Union says all parties sticking to Iran nuclear deal

04 August 2017

However, his inauguration came less than 24 hours after fresh sanctions were imposed by US President Donald Trump, who has threatened to tear up the nuclear deal entirely.

New US sanctions have emboldened Rouhani's hardline opponents, who say he should never have trusted the United States.

"Steve Bannon and other administration hardliners have been tasked with formulating Trump's reckless new strategy towards Iran and Congress just gave them new tools to do so". Congress has now left it up to Donald Trump to navigate these pitfalls to ensure the continued successful implementation of the nuclear accord.

The UN Security Council later unanimously endorsed a resolution that effectively turned the JCPOA into worldwide law.

"The United States will continue to raise this issue of Iranian non-compliance with global obligations at every opportunity".

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The US Treasury and the Senate late last month pressed new economic sanctions against six Iranian firms for their support for the country's ballistic missile program, as well as sanctions against Teheran for alleged human rights abuses.

"One country stands out for its deliberate, systematic contributions of weapons, training and funding for terrorist groups", Haley said.

United States law requires the president to certify that Iran is in compliance with the agreement every 90 days, with the next deadline in October.

He also said that the United States was working with its allies in the region to curb what he described as Iran's expansionist efforts to destabilize areas such as Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The Simorgh (Phoenix) rocket Iran tested on July 27.

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But with Iran gaining the upper hand across the Middle East, through its support for proxies in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, US lawmakers appear determined to ratchet up tensions.

President Hassan Rouhani is going to notify Iranian organizations, including the Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, of the details of the new decision.

The bill, called the "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act", targets Iran, Russia, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Her letter, written on behalf of the United States, France, Germany, and Britain, called on the council to "discuss appropriate responses" against Tehran for its "provocative action".

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European Union says all parties sticking to Iran nuclear deal