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US Likely To Test THAAD Missile Defense System This Month

10 July 2017

THAAD interceptors are positioned in Guam which are meant to help guard against a missile attacks, such as one from North Korea.

As per reports, the test is not linked to North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile launch, adding that the THAAD's system is created to defend against those type of threats.

The exact date of the planned test is not being disclosed until it has taken place.

The THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defence) system is US Army anti-ballistic missile defence system.

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Yet in practice, the tests have shown very mixed results, with the most recent USA missile defense test by the Navy failing to shoot down a missile launched by the same ship that had the interceptors on board.

North Korea's missile launch saw their dreaded ICBM fly into the Sea of Japan, after being in the air for more than half an hour.

US and South Korean forces fire off missiles from the South's Hyunmu-2 Missile System and the US M20 Multiple Launch Rocket System.

The United States is planning to test its THAAD missile defense system from a launch site in Alaska "in early July", according to an exclusive Reuters report.

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Vice Admiral James Syring, a former director of the Missile Defense Agency, said in May the THAAD system has a 100% success rate in its 13 flight tests so far.

The test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile, created to shoot down medium and intermediate range missiles, has been planned for months, Reuters reported.

THAAD's prime contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp, stated the missile defense system can intercept missiles outside the Earth's atmosphere, as well as inside the atmosphere. The debate will continue as a updated defense bill hits congress very soon.

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US Likely To Test THAAD Missile Defense System This Month