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Lyft Takes a Pointer from Uber, Adds Pickup Suggestions

28 June 2017

No word on when other countries will be added to the list.

Amazon's Whole Foods grab could be 'a brilliant combination'
Currently, it is unclear how Amazon will exactly use Whole Foods as the company did not release any further details. It also had announced a board shake-up and cost-cutting plan amid pressure from activist investor Jana Partners.

When an Uber customer opens the app and chooses a pick-up address that differs from what their phone's Global Positioning System detects as its current location, the app will ask the customer whether they are booking a ride for someone else. As the name and screenshot above suggests, this feature will basically suggest locations around the rider that they can go in order to be picked up, which could result in them saving time. You can select the rider from your address book, set their location, and request a ride on their behalf. The app will ask you if the ride is for yourself or someone else only when you're requesting a ride in an area that's not your home. Uber also provides a link to the rider, who can then track the driver's location. "What we've learned through research is that at a macro level, people want an easy way to request a ride for a loved one".

UAE envoy attacks Qatar over extremism as Gulf feud escalates
He said Qatar, like Turkey, had been a staunch opponent of Islamic State terrorists, adding, "Let's stop fooling ourselves". Erdoğan rejected accusations that Qatar supported terrorism, arguing that the country had been a staunch opponent of ISIL.

Uber has been in the news for numerous reasons over recent weeks, most of which are certainly not positive and center on multiple controversies related to sexual harassment. But Uber is finally allowing proper ride requests for those who don't have Uber at the ready. "The driver will see the rider's name, and be able to contact the rider directly, too", Kyle Miller and Mike Lu, Product Managers Uber said in a blog post on Tuesday. Uber Freight is not that different from Uber.

Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft
When it comes to the central processing unit (CPU), the PlayStation 4 has a slight lag compared to the Xbox One X as well. He revealed that streaming on Xbox One X is limited to 720p/1080p at 60 fps since 4K requires a lot of bandwidth.

Unlike its ridesharing app, the company has promised that drivers will get paid within 7 days. Uber will also pay drivers a per-minute rate for wait times of more than two minutes, something it started testing past year in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix.

Lyft Takes a Pointer from Uber, Adds Pickup Suggestions