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Gal Gadot paid the same as Henry Cavill in superhero standalone debut

24 June 2017

"Wonder Woman" set a new milestone on Friday, becoming the highest-grossing live-action film to be directed by a woman. But they have had difficulty establishing themselves in roles traditionally claimed by male actors such as action heroes.

At a time when many like to observe the shortage of female directors, 2017 - this summer in particular - boasts much glass ceiling breaking.

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, has so far grossed $600 million and continues to draw audiences. Per a 2014 Variety report, Gadot's base salary for "Wonder Woman" was $300,000. Chris Pine is likeable, actress Robin Wright got in terrific shape for her part and Gadot proves that she was the ideal choice as the new Amazon princess. The politics surrounding the movie-female director! female superhero!-have positioned it as a pivotal moment in filmmaking history, and in turn, the movie has broken box-office records and ignited hopes of opening doors for female filmmakers.

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Jenkins doesn't focus on the gender issue. Not accounting for inflation, that would put Wonder Woman at the top of the list. "I can't wait till enough women filmmakers have had a chance to make movies of this size and scale and those movies have been successful".

If you're the parent of at least one daughter, I highly recommend taking her to see this film.

It's an interconnected universe that doesn't overly rely on easter eggs, cameos or shoehorned-in storylines to connect individual stories, but is instead connected by similar themes.

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Gadot offers glowing reviews of her co-star, who, she says, made her laugh so often during filming that they had to repeat many takes of sequences to do them straight-faced. Their princess, Diana (Gal Gadot, "Fast & Furious"), is forbidden to train for combat, but her Aunt Antiope (Robin Wright, "House of Cards") trains her in secret.

Like its protagonist, "Wonder Woman" is both stylishly sleek and powerfully efficient. Along with the other members of their unit Charlie (Ewen Bremmer), Sameer (Said Taghmaoui), and The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) they captured the familial bond commonly associated with soldiers in battle.

Considering that she holds almost a 50/50 split between domestic and foreign, keeps her percentage drop from weekend to weekend low, I think it's hard to tell until Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in July. The film is lacking in racial diversity, but it does wonders with its use of a female lead in the superhero genre. It comes out later this month in the U.S. Their lives are changed when one of the girls finds a wounded soldier from the Union Army and brings him into the school to heal.

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Gal Gadot paid the same as Henry Cavill in superhero standalone debut