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Trump admin amends travel ban date to keep legal battle alive

21 June 2017

A U.S. appeals court recently upheld a decision that blocked the executive order signed by President Trump.

The court's processing of the Trump Administration's appeals in the two cases has been slowed down a bit because one of the lower court decisions it is now being asked to review just came out on Monday, when the other case was almost finished with the filing of briefs.

The March ban was Trump's second effort to impose travel restrictions through an executive order.

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According to the ABC News, at the heart of the 9th Circuit opinion Monday is the panel's determination that the president failed to show in his executive order that there were specific national security justifications for excluding nationals of the six designated Muslim countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen).

The Supreme Court has asked the federal government and states challenging the ban to submit arguments.

Gorsuch, who has been sitting on the bench since April 10, restored the high court's 5-4 conservative majority.

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Trump's visit to the court would be his first since he became president on January 20 and would put him face-to-face with the nine justices as they consider the fate of his travel ban unless the court acts before then. The Fourth Circuit court based the decision on Trump's public record of statements indicating his order was motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment rather than national security concerns. Because he issued the ban back in March, those 90 days are up this week. In both cases, lower court judges have refused to allow enforcement, and have ruled that the executive order probably violated federal immigration laws (the result in the Hawaii case in the Ninth Circuit) or probably violated the Constitution (in the Maryland case in the Fourth Circuit). Watson blocked those portions of the travel ban before they could go into effect.

Now, the DOJ is about to file the two last briefs in support of its case, and attorneys at the justice department are surely hoping Trump won't talk or tweet about it, or taunt the high court before they file.

President Trump has promised to take the fight for the travel ban, one of his signature campaign promises, all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Chair of the Committee on Migration for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Joe Vasquez of Austin said he was "heartened" by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals' decision.

Trump admin amends travel ban date to keep legal battle alive