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Dems say they'll slow Senate work over secretive care bill

20 June 2017

The Community Catalyst Action Fund, a nonprofit organization based in Boston, plans to launch a $1.5 million TV and radio advertising campaign Monday, calling on five GOP senators to vote against the emerging ACA repeal and replace healthcare bill, reports The Washington Post.

It's being kept under wraps by design.

"You're not going to get anywhere if that's not the case", said C.R. Wooters, a top House Democratic aide when Obama's law was being passed. Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine.

According to a senior democratic aide, tonight senate democrats will slow the process by debating health care late into the evening in a series of speeches and attempt to force the health care bill to committee.

"I am in favor", Sanders told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union" Sunday.

"It was the worst piece of legislation, frankly, against working class people that I can remember in my political life in the Congress. Throwing 23 million people off of health insurance is beyond belief".

Top aides talked Trump out of firing Mueller
Gingrich and Ruddy said it would be a "mistake" for Trump to remove Mueller, although both said they see the probe as unnecessary. Reports are circulating that Trump's inner circle is unanimous in trying to persuade the president not to fire Mueller.

Another twist: Tuesday's special congressional election in Georgia.

Senate Democrats have used the same procedural tactic to slow confirmation votes for several of President Donald Trump's nominations, though they were unable to block them entirely.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., has said collaborating on healthcare would be a good way to show unity in the Senate following last week's shooting, noted show host Bill Hemmer, and Barrasso agreed there is an opportunity.

So reducing smoking could cover the entire cost of any new health plan, without using taxpayers' money, or imposing higher insurance rates on the great majority of Americans who do not smoke.

The House health care bill proposes gutting the program, effectively ending enhanced federal funding for Medicaid in 2020. It would cut Medicaid by $834 billion over a decade, repeal $664 billion of Obamacare's tax increases on the wealthy and the health-care industry, and end requirements that individuals get health insurance and that most employers provide it.

On June 18, sources close to the Senate Majority Leader, GOP Sen. It's unclear what concessions leadership will ultimately make on the Medicaid front.

Alexandria gunman carried list of names of members of Congress
Hodgkinson, who was shot by police and later died, apparently had been living out of his van in Alexandria since March. James told her that he was going to Washington, "work on taxes" and "change the tax brackets", she said.

"They're talking about a whole new way of delivering health care" and people don't know the details, Stupak said of Republicans.

The House GOP bill would phase out Medicaid expansion in 2020. Republicans from states that accepted the expansion want a much more gradual rollback of the expansion.

Portman is playing a key role in another negotiation over Medicaid. Hatch is the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, one of the panels with ostensible jurisdiction over the bill.

Her conservative counterpart was no more certain of the outcome. Banzhaf not only provided the simple answer and analysis, but also helped persuade the National Association of Insurance Commissioners [NAIC] to adopt and propose it, and the US government to approve it, twice, before the adoption of Obamacare. Dean Heller (Nev.) and Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.) with television and radio ads urging them to vote no. Some suspect the talk of canceled recesses and a legislative logjam actually disguise a McConnell plan to spring a fully formed health-care bill on a stunned Senate very soon.

Yes, there is urgency to craft an alternative to the teetering health law.

Justin Thomas shoots 63 in US Open third round
Every time I've been in majors so far I've put so much emphasis on them and tried so hard at them that I kind of got in my way. Open at Baltusrol in New Jersey, while Vijay Singh shot 63 in the second round of the 2003 Open at Olympia Fields in IL .

Dems say they'll slow Senate work over secretive care bill