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Google poaches Apple employee in move to build its own processors

14 June 2017

Gulati has at least 15 Apple patents related to chip design under his belt and will be key in Google's plan to build its own processors, Variety said. He has worked at Apple on chip development for about eight years, but his LinkedIn profile shows he just joined Google. Up until the launch of the Pixel flagships, Google stayed at arm's length when it came to Android hardware. Gulati gives Google the knowledge to build its own parts, which will save the company money in the long run. The Pixel and Pixel XL are rightfully called Google's answer to the Apple iPhone, coupling great software with great hardware.

The search giant has hired Manu Gulati, a chip architect at Apple, Variety first reported on Tuesday that. The Pixel devices may not be the best performing devices in the Android world in every metric, but they stood their ground against the competition of their time.

Apple launch new iMac Pro and iPad Pro models
Both the MacBook and MacBook Pro can be ordered starting today from apple .com On the shelf availability is slated for June 7. Prices for the new iMac starts at $1,800; and features key improvements in graphics , processing, and storage aspects.

We've reached out to Google for comment and will let you know if it can elaborate on the hire.

"The Pixel is seen as Google's answer to the iPhone, but considering Apple sells 40 to 50 million iPhones in a quarter, Google has some catching up to do", according to Ars Technica, a tech website.

'Wonder Woman' buries 'The Mummy' at box office
Critics weren't kind to Cruise's The Mummy , with the film's Rotten Tomatoes rating now standing at a disastrous 17% fresh. Pirates 5 has earned an okay $135 million domestically to date, compared to almost $393 million to date internationally.

Like most non-Apple phones, Google has leaned on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipsets for use in its own devices for years, including the now-defunct Nexus lineup and the current Pixel phones.

Alleged leaker's parents fear Trump will be tough on case
Davis said she became a linguist, speaking Arabic and Farsi, and spent four years assigned to the NSA at Fort Mead, Maryland. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had already apprehended victor by the time The Intercept published the report.

Google poaches Apple employee in move to build its own processors