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Irish PM expresses concern over May's proposed DUP deal

13 June 2017

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has moved to take immediate advantage of his enhanced position following the General Election with a vow to continue fighting against Theresa May forming a government.

"We have a program, we have support and we are ready to fight another election campaign as soon as may be".

However devolved delivery means there is likely to be little conflict with any health and social care reform in England that the Conservatives choose to progress following the election campaign's embarrassing U-turn on capping social care costs.

KHALAF: Well, given the spectacular fiasco of the elections and the fact that Theresa May ran on a platform of a hard Brexit, I think one can assume that she no longer has a mandate for a hard Brexit. But not for some time, let's get this clear. "In other words, we could easily get to the middle of next week and it all collapses for her".

Before the historic Brexit vote a year ago, some companies expressed concerns over the uncertainty of trade negotiations that would follow. Former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, who May sacked after taking office after the Brexit vote last June, said she was now a "dead woman walking". And the problem is there's a majority in the House of Commons who don't really believe in Brexit, who think that Britain should adopt a much softer form of Brexit rather than the harder form of Brexit that Theresa May was advocating.

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Mr Johnson dismissed the reports as "tripe". "You're telling me that cosmic balls of dust gathered and there was an explosion", he said during a 2007 debate.

Referring to the "strong relationship" she had with the DUP but giving little detail of how their arrangement might work, she said the government would "guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks" that begin in just 10 days' time.

Britain's typically pro-Conservative press savaged May yesterday and questioned whether she could remain in power, only two months after she started the clock ticking on the two-year European Union divorce process.

When May called the election in April, she did so with the Conservatives riding high in the polls, and the pound had surged on expectations that a big majority for the Conservatives would allow her to face down the so-called euroskeptics in her parliamentary ranks.

German Commissioner Günther Oettinger, who is known for often going beyond the Commission's official line in his statements, said in an interview that a weak British negotiating partner would further complicate talks on the country's exit from the EU.

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The DUP's influence might've been at least in part checked by the pro-independence Sinn Fein party, which gained three seats for a total of seven, but as their MPs don't sit in parliament - they refuse to pledge allegiance to the Queen - their votes are worthless during potential collation talks.

A deal between the government and the DUP could also unsettle the precarious balance between Northern Ireland's British loyalist and Irish nationalist parties.

The party's leader Arlene Foster has spoken out against a hard Brexit, which could threaten this, and so will nearly certainly make this a red line.

An election called to give the United Kingdom more clarity about the future has done the exact opposite, leaving investors with United Kingdom financial interests in a state of limbo.

However, the Conservatives lost 12 seats, and fell short of the overall majority they needed, though Ms.

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