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'March Against Sharia' Planned Across The US

10 June 2017

Rallies scheduled across the country on Saturday, including in Austin, aim to attack Islamic law.

Organizing group ACT for America says the events are not about bigotry, but about protecting women and children from Sharia Law and its on Muslim women and children, including so-called "honor killings" as well as Female Genital Mutilation - the latter of which is at the center of an ongoing criminal case involving a Detroit area doctor.

The American Congress for Truth for America has planned a rally from 11 3 Stevens Creek Boulevard and Winchester Avenue, on the border with San Jose. These are the people Roosh V recruits for his men's rights bullshit. The so-called March Against Sharia is organized by ACT for America, a grassroots organization that claims to "preserve American culture and keep this nation safe".

In accordance with the stance shared by The Islamic Council of Greater Syracuse, representing five Islamic centers around the city, we encourage those who wish to show support for our Muslim neighbors to avoid inadvertently aiding ACT for America's bid to gain media attention, and instead attend the following events. Roper promoted the marches on his podcast, where he said Muslims "are not welcome in our nation and, of course, endgame, on our planet". The group plans to meet at 10 City Hall plaza.

Event organizers are encouraging attendees to come wearing white, Hopps said, and to bring sponges, mops, brooms and trash bags, symbolizing the gathering's attempt to scrub their state clean of Islamophobia.

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"Sharia is incompatible with Western democracy and the freedoms it affords", the group wrote on its website, announcing the march.

As United Methodist pastors, we are devoted to a close and faithful reading of Christian scripture, which clearly and frequently reminds us that we are called to welcome immigrants into our midst, and as such must reject the statement about "the rise of Islamic immigration". Sharia is also subject to a wide range of interpretations.

Almost 100 national and local organizations have called on the mayors of 29 cities to disavow the Marches Against Sharia scheduled for Saturday because of the controversial group that organized the event.

ACT's Facebook page for the march contains racist and violent content directed toward Islam and Muslims, the center said. I would say we agree on more than you think. (The equivalent of ACT for America's outrage might be somebody saying they are opposed to Christianity because of its widespread speaking in tongues, snake-handling, and rejection of modern medicine in favor of healing prayer.) But best of all is Pulver's response to accusations that Muslims practice childhood marriage and rape 9-year-old girls.

Public Sharia on the other hand is a covenant between two or more individuals where the third party administers its execution.

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Secondly, they and their institutions are not seeking or asking for the type of Sharia that ACT for America is opposing.

She also attacked Khizr Khan, a gold star parent whose service member son died in Iraq, for holding a U.S. Constitution during the 2016 Democratic National Convention, reported the news magazine: "Waving the Constitution, is a misrepresentation when one's religion teaches that it and any other man-made law, for that matter, are to be removed and superseded by the Quran".

"What is wrong with a country that spreads fear and hatred when someone wants to defend what it stands for?" she said. "What does Islam as a political ideology have to do with what the terrorists are doing right now?"

Yet many Muslims and others say the group promotes a distorted and prejudiced view of Islam. But Gabriel- who claims to have met with President Trump in the White House- doesn't care.

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