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Cassie Sainsbury: Everything we still don't know

23 May 2017

Explosive new claims have been made about accused drug trafficker, Cassie Sainsbury. I know that outfit.

Cassie Sainsbury is seen in prison in Bogota, Colombia.

We also heard about Cassie changing her story - after initially claiming complete innocence and that she "knew nothing" about the drugs disguised as headphones in her luggage, she's now claiming she was forced to act as a drug mule after members of an worldwide syndicate threatened her and her family.

'It goes against everything she stands for, ' she told 60 Minutes.

As Scott told Sunday Night that Cassie's bosses were flying her to Sydney for work, 60 Minutes was claiming some of Cassie's working trips to Sydney were paid for on Scott's credit card.

Her mother Lisa Evans says she believes her daughter is innocent.

Broadbridge left Colombia shortly after Nine's 60 Minutes alleged he had been named a "person of interest" in the drugs case.

"I dismiss the plaintiff's application and there is no restraint on Channel Seven in relation to their Sunday program this evening", he said in court.

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"If you don't get to fly, we will be threatening or killing your family or you", he told 60 Minutes.

A woman who claimed she was a former colleague of Sainsbury's said Sainsbury's profile described her as "19 years old, classy, fun and ready to please".

"She has a bit of a history of skipping from one place to the next when things get a bit tough, that she was naive at all".

Nine News reported the Adelaide woman - arrested on April 13 at Bogota's El Dorado airport with 5.8 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage - previously worked at Club 220 Gentleman's Club in Penrith, in the months leading up to her trip to Colombia. I think she. perhaps she may have had knowledge of what she was doing - complete knowledge.

Scott is now being investigated for his role in the case, and it has emerged that one of his exes has been accused of drug dealing.

Cassandra Sainsbury reportedly worked as a prostitute at a brothel in western Sydney months before she was arrested in Colombia.

Broadbridge, who is being investigated by Australian police, denied he or Sainsbury had ever been drug dealers, saying "we are both against drugs".

But Neil Sainsbury, a former military investigator, told Sunday Night he had never owned a company, let alone a cleaning company, and that he had never employed his niece. Yet her uncle, Neil Sainsbury, denied he had ever employed his niece - or even owned a cleaning business.

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I know that Lisa hasn't spoken to him (Broadbridge) since she (Sainsbury) was arrested.

"I have suspicions about a lot of people".

"I said to her, "don't go, don't be stupid"... after the big blow-up I had with her over that, she said "I'm not going dad", and I said "thank you", Sainsbury's father said. "I believe that and I always will".

It was here it was revealed Cassie was changing her story from her initial denial of any knowledge of the drugs in her suitcase.

Broadbridge and Sainsbury's mother and sister did manage to visit the prison, with Lisa Evans happy at seeing her "beautiful, beautiful" daughter.

"She pays cash - virtually on a day by day basis".

"I think maybe this was quite a long process".

When shown a picture of an unidentified woman wearing revealing lingerie, the source said: "That one there is Cassandra, 100 per cent".

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Cassie Sainsbury: Everything we still don't know