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Frankie Edgar Breezes Past Yair Rodriguez With Doctor Stoppage

14 May 2017

After two Edgar-dominated rounds, the referee called a halt to the fight in between the second and third rounds, saving Rodriguez from any further damage.

He then proceeded to smash that hype into a million pieces as Edgar absolutely demolished Rodriguez over two rounds until the fight was stopped on the advice of the ringside physician. Rodriguez lands a knee in the clinch and disengages.

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Edgar continued his assault with a big takedown against the cage before he began hammering away at Rodriguez from the top with punches and elbows from inside the guard. Frankie got in quality ground-and-pound when postured up, while Rodriguez was moving his legs around in search of a submission. Pure domination by "The Answer". A ruthless ground-and-pound assault and a likely 10-8 round left Rodriguez with his left eye swollen almost shut.

Edgar earns the TKO victory while reminding the world that he's still an elite featherweight as Rodriguez looks to regroup following his first loss in the UFC. Edgar continues to be very active as the round progresses with his punches. He stays calm though and despite Rodriguez trying to change things up with the kneebar, Edgar is eventually able to break free, starts landing punches to Rodriguez's swollen eye and then takes full mount. The round ends with Edgar in a dominant position on the ground. Rodriguez rolled, but Edgar landed some elbows to the closed eye of "El Pantera". Yair kept throwing his legs up in search of a submission, to no avail.

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Well, to be more specific - and graphic, for that matter - what was really a mess was what happened to Rodriguez's eye in the bout. A consummate performance by one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time.

Rodriguez landed just 17 of his 37 strikes in the first round.

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Frankie Edgar Breezes Past Yair Rodriguez With Doctor Stoppage