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The New York Giants may have drafted Eli Manning's heir

30 April 2017

The New York Giants shocked the masses on Friday, April 28 by drafting a quarterback in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Webb has good physical talent and a good arm, but probably needs some time to develop after playing previous year in Cal's "Air Raid" offense.

That personality and character won over many in the months leading up to the draft, and there were many teams rumored to have interest in Webb as a first-round prospect.

The Giants will need to work with Webb a lot if he is going to develop into anything at the National Football League level.

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"You're going to draft a quarterback that's not going to play for at least 3-4 years?"

The Giants said they didn't think they needed to discuss it with him before.

McAdoo, of course, once coached another Cal quarterback who fell in a draft, Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, and saw the value of the 2005 24th overall pick sitting his first three seasons behind incumbent Brett Favre. When Manning and the Giants part ways, Webb would then be in place to take the reins.

For one, they have little invested in him if they figure out that he's not "the" guy. "I definitely believed that (getting drafted in the first round) was going to happen, and I think a lot of other people did too", Webb said in a conference call Friday night.

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Webb, who after his Pro Day display, said he felt he had "first-round talent", nonetheless sounded upbeat about being chosen where he was. "Son of a coach, tough guy", Giants vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross said. Webb will be under team control for four years, his contract expiring when Manning is 40. The former Texas Tech quarterback is a natural leader with a strong arm, but is not yet NFL-ready. I think he's just a hard worker off the field as well as on the field, so I don't think it's gonna be a problem for him.

When Webb traveled to the Senior Bowl in January, he arrived two days early to throw with receivers and prepare for the week of practices. As a rookie, Webb will likely be the third-string quarterback behind Manning and Geno Smith, but eventually he could become a starter. "Hopefully he can sit on the sideline with a clipboard and learn the game".

This is a good landing spot for Webb.

The Giants were one of five teams - Cardinals, Saints, Chargers and Steelers - who were thought to be in the market for an actual heir apparent during this draft but so far, only Reese pulled the trigger. "I'm sure he's disappointed right now that he wasn't a higher pick".

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The New York Giants may have drafted Eli Manning's heir