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Instant analysis of Chiefs' selection of QB Patrick Mahomes

30 April 2017

Peter King of Sports Illustrated predicts that Mahomes will be drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs 27th overall.

When it was time for the Buffalo Bills to make their selection, they had a few options.

In 2014, the Detroit Tigers picked Mahomes in the 37th round of the MLB Draft. Playing in the Red Raiders' spread offense, and against defense-less Big 12 competition, Mahomes had 77 touchdowns over his last 25 games, with an average of 8.3 yards per attempt over his entire career.

Andy Reid will know how to help harness Mahomes gambling tendencies while allowing him to continue to improvise when needed because that is what he had to do with Favre in Green Bay.

Why did Chiefs draft Mahomes?

There had been some questions about the Kansas City Chiefs depth chart at tight end. "We have to have some patience with him, but he has tremendous upside".

Two more skill position offensive players went seventh and eighth.

Green Bay Looking To Trade Out Of First Round
Evans, a 33-year-old offensive guard , agreed to a deal Wednesday with the Green Bay Packers , according to a league source . If Green Bay is ever going to reach the Super Bowl again with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, the defense must get better.

After Mahomes' name was called there were some tears, donning of a Chiefs cap, along with many hugs, handshakes and photos.

"There shouldn't be that much pressure, " Mahomes said. "I feel like I drew them up really well and explained them".

I'm kind of surprised Houston would go with a cornerback so early given the fact that this year's class is so deep at corner and they could get great value on day two or three. "It felt like a great relationship already". Mahomes had the Chiefs on the short list of teams he thought would draft him as Thursday night's first round began.

"Everything that critics want to knock me on, I know I can fix with hard work", he continued.

Most importantly, they excited a fan base.

"I never expected Chicago, but I'm thrilled", said Trubisky, who only started 13 games at North Carolina. "But I was extremely happy when it happened". The first time, he picked up additional picks in the 4th and 6th rounds by trading out of the first round, down 9 slots total, with the San Francisco 49ers.

Dorsey is confident he just changed the Chiefs' fortunes. I know that I can make any throw, especially when my team needs a big play.

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In addition to their No. 27 overall pick, the Chiefs also gave up one of their two 2017 third round picks as well as their first rounder in 2018.

That price was apparently too steep for Reese and the Giants.

"What you're doing is building the future of the organization", Dorsey said.

Made me re-think the club's decision, beginning with games I covered involving Mahomes, a quarterback I penciled on to my second-team offense behind Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield in balloting for the All-Big 12 football team.

"I don't think it was a lot because I think he's going to be a really good player, he's in a flawless situation, he can sit back, he can learn, he can develop, he's got the tutelage of some really good coaches and I couldn't be more excited", Dorsey said. He can sit back, learn and develop.

In Mahomes' case, his passion for the game was a relief to his mother, who long had anxious about how he never seemed to truly get excited about much.

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Instant analysis of Chiefs' selection of QB Patrick Mahomes