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Magnussen fears added dangers of cockpit 'shield'

28 April 2017

The debate was sparked following a recent meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and the F1 Commission, which chose the shield as the best option to pursue and develop. The drivers who tested various designs previous year universally disliked it.

The FIA aims to carry out tests of the new design during the 2017 season for implementation for next year, subject to approval from the World Motor Sport Council.

"The Shield looks nice", he said.

"If you ask me whether I prefer the Halo or the Shield, the Shield looks nicer, it looks handsome on the vehicle, but it's a bit worse for the safety". But we're talking about safety.

"I think the safety aspect is always important".

"As we all know, it gives by far the biggest protection for us drivers so I would still go for that one", he said.

Toro Rosso's Danil Kvyat agreed with the Frenchman: "I think it's enough now [in terms of safety]".

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"I don't want to see Formula 1 seeing closed cars".

The Formula One Strategy Group approved banning these elements on the 2018 cars at a meeting earlier this week.

Max Verstappen thinks Formula One should remain open cockpit and says it would not eliminate every risk of a driver being injured or killed by a flying piece of debris or tyre. And there are always risks in every sport, it's always part of it.

"Of course there are some very unlucky accidents that happened in the past but you can not control it and the Shield will not make a difference in that as well", Verstappen said. I liked it. If it looks similar, it's good.

Lewis Hamilton was originally an outspoken critic of the Halo - calling it "the worst modification in Formula One history" when it was unveiled in Spain past year. "I prefer the Shield to the Halo, it is less offensive visually but it is a halfway... it will stop some things and not other things".

"I wouldn't mind trying out the shield, seeing how is the visibility", Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas said on Thursday. "It's not the prettiest thing, but give it a bit of time and I think it will look all right". "That's my personal view, how it looks, so I don't mind that", said the Finn. I'm in favor of improving safety, so the Shield is better than maybe how the auto is now. "Honestly, I think drivers wouldn't be racing if they were anxious for their own safety - everyone's still racing".

Some drivers reportedly are skeptical of the new concept, while Haas F1 Team's Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen has little faith cockpit protection will ever arrive. I'm not for it, I don't think we need something like that.

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"I think it's going to be hard, especially in the wet, with the screen".

"I'm sure with that as well, it's going to be impossible and more unsafe in wet conditions", added the former Renault and McLaren driver, who said he would prefer to continue without either system.

He then added: "I like it how it is [with no cockpit protection]". Even without a screen, in the wet it's hard to see anything. "They have this in fighter jets so I don't see why we can't have it".

"It looks better", commented Force India's Mexican Sergio Perez of the shield, which he has yet to test.

"It looks better, but it's also safe". "So maybe the Halo has more safety improvement than the Shield, but it's true that they can keep developing and keep working on the Shield".

"It's a matter of how much development they can do".

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Magnussen fears added dangers of cockpit 'shield'